What we value

Integrity in our ingredients
We're dedicated to looking after Mother Nature so she can look after us. We stand by our word and will only use natural and sustainable ingredients inside each jar of Little Mango.


Made in NZ 
We are proudly made in New Zealand with love and are committed to supporting our community by keeping it local. 


Vegan and animal friendly
Our products have never been tested on animals and are vegan friendly. 


Effective formula
Our specialised blend of butters, oils, aluminium-free sodium bicarbonate, tapioca and essential oils create an effective deodorant. They don't block your pores with aluminium like anti-perspirants, instead they allow you to sweat naturally, but it is completely odourless.


So where did it all start?

I'm Sarah, mother to three boisterous boys and lover of all things natural. With the birth of my first son, I instantly started looking at everything I was putting into and onto my body. One of the biggies for this breastfeeding mum, was deodorant.

I tried EVERYTHING out there and even resorted to splashing apple cider vinegar under my arms. Nothing worked (unfortunately for those able to get close enough). But, I soon discovered an effective formula and after five years of trial and error and testing on those around me, Little Mango was born. 

I started by hand-making the deodorants in my garage and selling them at local markets. But after people kept coming back for more, I couldn't keep up with demand and had to expand production. We're now stocked across the country and still growing. 


I created Little Mango to share the world of natural living and offer an alternative to the chemical standard. I hope you and your family love it as much as I do and perhaps even explore other areas of natural living in your life. 
Let us know your feedback, we hope you enjoy. 
Sarah x