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Viva picks Little Mango in top 10 natural deodorants list

Posted by Sarah Hyndman on
Viva picks Little Mango in top 10 natural deodorants list - Little Mango Deodorants

If you're thinking of switching to a natural deodorant, this is what you need to know

     July 7, 2019  

A couple of weeks back some photogenic Aucklanders ended up in the social pages for attending a launch party. So far, so Sunday newspaper, but more unusually that event was for a deodorant.

Make what jokes you like about any excuse for a party - but the main beauty takeaway is that deodorants really do have pulling power too these days.

Interest in natural deodorants has been skyrocketing, as the clean beauty trend embeds, even in our armpits. Customers are increasingly looking to avoid artificial fragrances and the likes of parabens in their body-care products. This is one reason natural deodorants are migrating from the back shelves of health stores into boutiques and spas.

Another is long-circulating internet messages connecting aluminium in anti-perspirants with breast cancer. (The NZ Breast Cancer Foundation says: “There is no evidence to suggest that any type of deodorant or antiperspirant can cause breast cancer.”)

In any case, among the wellness conscious set, anti-perspirants (which typically contain aluminium chloride and block sweat glands to inhibit moisture release) are being ditched in favour of clean deodorants (which use natural fragrances and anti-bacterial agents ranging from baking soda, powders and clays to coconut oil to disguise odours and impair their formation).

As Dion from Triumph & Disaster puts it: “We don’t stop sweat, our ethos is to work with the body’s natural flow to limit excess moisture and control the aromas created through the excretion.”

Following nature’s way isn’t always a straight path. That is because for those who have long used anti-perspirants to suppress sweat, there can be a noticeable initial change in the armpit environment - its microbiome to use the “in” expression - when bacteria counts fluctuate.

Some say this is “detoxing” chemical build-up, but it’s simply an adjustment phase. During this transition time some people find they get a bit whiffy. Persevere until your pits settle down or experiment with different products to find what suits you best. Natural deodorants vary greatly in effectiveness and type.

Number one on the list was Little Mango! 

1. Little Mango Natural Deodorant in Geranium $17.99 

One of the most popular pastes, this creamy New Zealand-made vegan mix is non-gritty and uses botanical butters, coconut oil and baking soda, with tapioca to soak up wetness. The trick is to rub it in well and choose the right scent from five for your taste. 

 Thanks Viva!

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