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About us

Where it all started

Hi, I'm Sarah - founder and owner of Little Mango.

I’m a mum to three gorgeous boys, and my natural journey started when I was pregnant with my firstborn. Motherhood ignited an instinctual need for me to cut chemicals in my life.

On my natural journey I discovered that Mother Nature's ingredients don't just do the same job as their chemical counterparts, but they can do it even better!



My natural deodorant search

What really struck me about the power of natural ingredients, was when I was on the search for a natural deodorant. Initially nothing worked. I tried EVERY natural option out there and came out smelling worse off. I was disheartened at the thought of smelling forever, but determined not to go back to chemicals.

Eventually I discovered a solution.

And this new solution didn't just work - it worked better than any other deodorant I had used before. It was effective, and it was natural... but the initial formula wasn't appealing. So I worked for years to transform it into a creamy soft deodorant that was highly effective and gentle. I started by hand-making our natural deodorants in my garage and selling them at local markets. But after continuing to sell out, I had to expand production

My vision and mission

My mission is to change the chemical standard by reconnecting with nature - to showcase the beauty of Mother Nature's ingredients.

I want to transform the standard morning routine – by using simple ingredients sourced from nature to inspire mindful body care.

I hope you love Little Mango as much as I do and that it inspires you on your own natural journey. 

Little Mango owner









Our Promise

All natural ingredients

We don't use anything in our products that we wouldn't use on ourselves - so you can trust what you're putting on your skin. That means no nasty chemicals, no fillers, no synthetic fragrance. Just pure, nourishing, plant-based ingredients. Simple. 



All of our products are cruelty-free. We have never and will never test on animals - only willing humans.   

We love our planet

We're dedicated to looking after our home and want to do everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment. We only use natural ingredients, recyclable packaging, and even our courier bags are made from plants, cardboard and paper. 

Made in New Zealand

We've spent years working on a beautiful, effective product - from a handmade product made in a home garage to a larger scale factory. Our Little Mango collection is proudly made in Aotearoa. We keep it local and support small business.


I hope you enjoy, and if you have any feedback at all I'd love to hear from you.


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