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Stick v jar: Which natural deodorant is best?

Posted by Sarah Hyndman on
Stick v jar: Which natural deodorant is best? Little Mango Deodorants

Which natural deodorant is best?

You've finally found a natural deodorant that works! But now you can't decide which one will suit you best, let alone which scent to choose.

Well, thankfully we've put together a quick guide to give you the pros and cons of both our stick natural deodorants and our jar natural deodorants.

Stick deodorant pros

  • Our stick deodorants are easy to apply. A lot of people find it difficult to switch to a deodorant paste and can't get their head around using their fingertips under their armpits. If this is you, then a stick deodorant might be best.
  • They're waste free. When you're done, you can pop the stick in the recycling or compost. A great alternative to plastic.
  • They are effective! Much like our deodorant jars, the sticks use a very similar formula - meaning you get the same odour-busting benefits as well as having your skin nourished and protected.
  • They're easy to travel with. Using cardboard instead of glass means our sticks won't shatter when you take them away with you. 

Stick deodorant cons

  • Our stick deodorant can be hard to push up. In order for us to be able to get the stick into the cardboard tube, it needs to be harder than the deodorant paste. This means in cold weather the sticks can harden and be difficult to push up. If this happens, you can warm the stick in your hands a little before use.
  • Not suitable for sharing. Sharing a deodorant stick after someone else has swiped it under their armpits sounds unpleasant. But you also may find that hairy armpits, with men in particular, a few stray hairs may be left behind on the stick. So you may want to get one stick for you and one for your partner. 

Jar deodorant pros

  • Our deodorant paste is a great texture and consistency. We've worked for years to refine the formula to make it nice and creamy. We've also perfected it so there is minimal change in texture no matter the weather. That means in summer it won't melt to a liquid (unless you put it in direct heat) and in winter it won't become rock hard. 
  • Our jars are also waste free. When you're finished, simply reuse or recycle your jars. Glass is indefinitely recyclable.
  • You can try our samples. That way you can test which scent you like and the texture of the paste deodorant. 

Jar deodorant cons

  • Deodorant pastes require you to use your fingers to apply. This doesn't suit everyone and some people find it hard to get their head around.
  • Deodorant jars aren't as easy to travel with. Being glass, the risk of the jar shattering in your bag makes it not as convenient as a stick.

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