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What your breakouts are trying to tell you

Posted by Sarah Hyndman on
What your breakouts are trying to tell you - Little Mango Deodorants

Our lovely friends at Seed+Soul have given us some awesome tips on skincare and acne as the external clues about what is going on inside.

Here are the some of the common causes or acne and what messages they're sending you:

Forehead = Poor Digestion

Try increasing your antioxidant intake by drinking more green tea to flush out toxins and reduce your fat intake. 


Hairline = Dirt Build Up

Make sure you’re cleaning your face properly and removing all your make up before hitting the sack.

If you’ve got a fringe pin it up and wash your hair regularly.


Cheeks = Lungs

Get outside and enjoy some fresh air.

You may also need to give your cellphone and pillow cases a wash.


Nose = Heart/Gastrointestinal Issues

Eat your greens, nuts and omega-rich fish and avoid spicy foods, meat and salt.


Chin = Stomach

Just like the forehead, try increasing your antioxidant intake by drinking more green tea to flush out toxins. Add some more fibre into your diet and cut out late night snacking.


Below Cheeks = Hormones

These pesky zits are caused by a hormonal imbalance and tend to get worse during times of stress and your period, unfortunately there isn’t a lot you can do about them except drink lots of water and get some rest.


Ears and Eyes = Kidneys

Acne on or around your ears and eyes can be a sign of dehydration, drink your 8+ a day, this will also help to keep dark under-eye circles at bay.


Between the Brows = Liver

Your body is telling you to lay off the booze, cut your alcohol and dairy intake.

This could also be a sign of an allergy so head along to your local health store and get checked for any food allergies if pimples persist.

These are just some of the causes and things your skin could be trying to tell you. Other problems could include your environment or the products you’re using.

If you are suffering from we recommend using skincare products that contain antibacterial properties such as tea tree like Blank Face Baby

As well as following the advice above, cleanse, tone to keep the PH balance and moisturise twice a day.



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