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Easter crafts ideas for kids during lockdown

Posted by Sarah Hyndman on
Easter crafts ideas for kids during lockdown - Little Mango Deodorants

Easter crafts ideas for kids during lockdown

However you choose to celebrate Easter, it will look a little different for many this year. We've checked in with our friends at A Little Wild for the best ideas to help celebrate Easter in lockdown. 

These fun crafts are a great way to let little ones explore the colours and textures of nature and create an Easter tradition for your family that's not just about loads of chocolate! Take a look at these ideas below:

Easter egg planters

Make an Easter egg garden using egg shells, paint and treasures from nature. 

Easter paper lanterns

Light up the night this Easter - a perfect centerpiece for an Easter feast.

Nature Easter Hunt

I'm always on the lookout for an Easter hunt that doesn't involve tonnes of chocolate or plastic. This is the perfect solution!
If you want to check out some more ideas visit A Little Wild and for more green and clean living inspo check out our other blogs.
Enjoy and have a wonderful Easter x

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