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Natural deodorant - Tips to make the switch

Posted by Sarah Hyndman on
Natural deodorant - Tips to make the switch - Little Mango Deodorants

Your natural deodorant guide

If you've decided to ditch the nasty chemicals - good on you; you won't regret it! Here are some tips to make sure you get the best out of your switch to natural deodorants.

How to apply your natural deodorant

Take a small pea-sized amount of the deodorant and rub under your arms, like a moisturiser, until completely absorbed. A little goes a long way, so start off small, and use more if needed. It's all about what works for you. 

How long should my natural deodorant be effective?

You should only need to apply your deodorant once a day, even through physical activity - we know people who have run marathons and come out odourless! Start small, but if it's not quite cutting it, or if you have a workout coming up, try a little more.

With regular use, a 60g jar will normally last 2 - 6 months, or longer, depending on the daily amount used. Just make sure you use clean, dry hands when applying. 

Keep it cool

Keep your natural deodorant in a cool, dry place. If it does melt in intense summer heat, just give it a stir to mix the ingredients together again, put it in the fridge to set, then store in a cool place.

If the mixture hardens in winter, warm slightly in between your fingertips before applying.

What if I'm sensitive to baking soda?

Unfortunately some people can become sensitive to baking soda, but don't worry, there are a few things that can help.
First of all, discontinue use and wait for any irritation to clear up completely.
Then you can either apply Sensitive Soul, on it's own for a low-strength deodorant. Or you can apply it as a barrier layer underneath our full-strength natural deodorant. If you're still struggling - check our help guide.


Rarely, some people can go through a detox period as all the chemicals that have built up in their pores over the years finally emerge. This can cause body odour from around 2 days to 2 weeks. This is a good thing for your body, even if it isn't fun at the time! If this happens stick with it, it'll be worth it.
If the odour isn't resolved after this, you may need to either:
- Try a little more - but make sure it is completely absorbed.
- Try another scent - a scent that works for one person may not work for another. 
- If you are using Sensitive Soul - it may be that you need a full strength deodorant on top.

Other tips on usage

Do an allergy patch test before use
Avoid using on freshly shaven skin to prevent irritation.
If you experience sensitivity or any issues at all, try our tips above.

If you are still after more help after this please contact us at - we're here to help!

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