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Our guide to giving natural deodorant for Christmas

Posted by Sarah Hyndman on
Our guide to giving natural deodorant for Christmas - Little Mango Deodorants

Obviously, a Christmas gift of a deodorant can easily be taken the wrong way... the inference that possibly your personal odour is offensive is 'a little on the nose'!

5 ways to give deodorant - without giving offence!

1. Choose a scent that complements their favourite perfume.

Say "I know you love [fresh / floral / masculine] scents so I thought you'd like this!"

2. Promote the benefits of going natural

We use deodorant every day and it's so nice to know that you are only putting natural safe and gentle ingredients on your skin. In fact, Little Mango natural deodorants are moisturising and good for your skin, it's basically skincare for your armpits!

3. Cruelty free means guilt free gifting

The only animals we tested our natural deodorants were humans - who were super keen to participate in our trials, knowing that our natural deodorants are a no-nasties zone! So you can give or receive Little Mango with a clear conscience knowing no innocent animals were harmed.

4. We're guessing if you're giving, you've tried it

And you know our natural deodorants really (and truly) work! So add a personal endorsement like 'This is my favourite deodorant, it works so well!' ... maybe just add 'my favourite BRAND of deodorant' so they know it's not literally your jar you're giving them! :)

5. NZ Made and Low Waste

Make all your gifts low waste, locally made and eco friendly, and people will realise the theme is nothing personal. We're working towards eliminating the plastic lids - but we're already super low waste and because our natural deodorants are made in New Zealand, they come with a very low 'carbon miles' tag too.

We're dedicated to making our brand even more eco-friendly so watch this space!


At the end of the day, it's great to give Christmas gifts that are useful, needful and low waste. We love the minimalist saying 'if it's not beautiful, or useful, you don't need it' - and the best time to 'declutter and deconsumerise' is at the point of purchase!

This Christmas, let's do our best to give things that are beautiful, useful, natural and made in New Zealand.

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