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A fresh new look for Little Mango natural deodorants

Posted by Sarah Hyndman on
A fresh new look for Little Mango natural deodorants - Little Mango Deodorants

We've reinvented ourselves! Don't worry, all the magical bacteria busting goodness is still key to our natural deodorant formula so you can enjoy all day freshness! Just our branding, labels and fragrances have had a make over to ensure we are 2020 ready.

New decade new look, right!

Natural deodorants designed for a more beautiful day

The morning routine can be so rushed and so... routine!

Maybe you zip around throwing on clothes, dashing through the tooth brushing and makeup before rushing for the car. 

Maybe you have small people clinging to your knees while you dash the sleep of a hundred broken nights from your eyes and stagger to the kitchen for desperately needed coffee.

What isn't likely is that you sit serenely before your mirror, sipping peppermint tea while you daub fragrance on your pulse points and try different glamorous up-dos. Although if you do, we applaud you!

We want to bring some beauty and self-care to your mornings, regardless of what your routine looks like. Using a gorgeously scented natural deodorant gives you the chance to pause for 30 seconds, while you smooth the creamy paste under your arms until it absorbs, and breathe in the fragrance. Know you are taking care of your skin with nourishing natural ingredients, and that you won't be worrying about your scent today. 

Take care of your skin, protect your pits from smelly bacteria, and breathe, knowing it's all made with 100% natural goodness.

Effective performance is key, but the look matters too

Our fresh new labels are designed to look gorgeous on your bedroom dresser or bathroom shelf. With soft soothing colours (just like the soft soothing natural deodorant paste inside) we aim to bring some visual beauty to your day too!

We've named our new range with you in mind - the wonderful Boho Babes, the Wanderers, the Fearless people that buy our natural deodorants have inspired us! There's freedom in ditching chemicals and the natural essential oils used to create our fragrances will bring a fresh wildness to your day.

Fresh new fragrances - and a perennial favourite

We developed our new natural deodorant scents to reflect our current market and create a more unisex presence. Plus, we believe they now smell even more delicious!

  • The soft floral Rose + Geranium fragrance has always been a firm favourite, and is unchanged.
  • Our very fresh top selling Vanilla deodorant is now blended with delicious frankincense oil to create a light, invigorating fragrance that will sit perfectly alongside any perfumes.
  • Citrus + Cedarwood combines sweet hints of mandarin and sharp notes of cedar to transform this deodorant into a perfect woodsy fresh blend.

Watch this space... we've got big plans!

Little Mango is completely committed to one hundred percent waste free packaging and will be moving to metal lids for our glass jars next year.

We have so much more to share with you, so keep an eye on our social!

Also, thank you, for being part of our seven year journey - we look forward to bringing you new beautiful products very soon.

If you've bought the new fragrances of our natural deodorant, please place a review on the product page and let us know what you think!


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