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Plastic Free July - waste free clean beauty

Posted by Sarah Hyndman on

Here we are, in the midst of another Plastic Free July - the global movement that encourages people across the world to move away from plastics and refuse all single use plastic for the entire month.

Being part of the solution instead of part of the pollution is what Little Mango strives for as we offer our NZ made natural deodorant.

Lessening our impact on the world is a value close to my heart. I wish for a future where my children can fish in a sea with more sea life than plastic, where impressive skyscrapers are in the form of giant forests and where blue skies are not just a thing of the past. This is what pushes me to work towards a waste free business. Of course, we're not quite there yet, but we're working on it.

Here's what we're doing to become waste free

Indefinitely recyclable
Our jars aren't just beautiful, they're almost waste free as well. We are strong on our stance of using glass over plastic, as glass is indefinitely recyclable. Make sure you always recycle your jars, or better still, reuse them! They are great for popping some coconut oil in and using as a moisturiser or lip balm on-the-go. Our lids are currently plastic, but this will be changing to beautiful, sleek white metal lids shortly (which are also recyclable).

Compostable labels
Our lovely labels are specially designed and made in NZ. They are compostable, so they are safe to pop in your compost.

Outer packaging
All of our orders are sent as environmentally friendly as possible. Online orders are either sent in padded mailers made completely from paper and cardboard, or compostable cornstarch bags (which can also be re-used again and again until they finish their life in your compost).
All of our retail orders are packaged in re-purposed boxes.

Natural ingredients
Looking after our planet isn't just about compostable packaging. Using mineral oils and synthetic ingredients can also damage our environment. We're proud to say we don't use mineral oils, harsh chemicals or synthetics in our products. 
 Take a look at our range of natural deodorants 

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