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Your sensitive natural deodorant guide

Posted by Sarah Hyndman on

The search for the perfect natural deodorant

Finding the best natural deodorant that suits you perfectly can be a bit of a minefield. Like many of you, I made my way through a graveyard of natural deodorants that either didn't work, made me smell worse, or felt so horrible to apply. Some people even experience irritation when they begin a natural deodorant. It can be really frustrating and leave you thinking you're destined for stinky pits forever!

But, after literally years and years of formulation, testing and trial and error we have a solution that has helped many customers who had given up their natural deodorant journey. 

How does our natural deodorant work?

Baking soda is one of the main odour-fighting ingredients in many natural deodorants. It's a non-toxic ingredient that gently targets and eliminates the bacteria that causes odour. That's why it's so effective. Using baking soda in natural deodorants means we don't have to use harsh chemicals that are used in standard deodorants and we don't have to try and mask the odour with strong fragrances. However, when the concentration of baking soda is too high, it can sometimes upset your skin and cause irritation or discomfort.

I have personally worked with experienced chemists to find the perfect balance, to prevent irritation but still be strong enough to eliminate odour. Our full-strength deodorants are suitable for a large range of people, even if they have experienced irritation to other brands. However, there are some customers that are irritated by even the slightest bit of baking soda.

Baking soda free natural deodorant

If you have experienced irritation to our range, then our Sensitive Soul was made just for you. We've taken out the baking soda completely and replaced it with a lower-strength odour fighter magnesium, and a blend of natural clays to absorb moisture. 

Sensitive Soul works perfectly as a low-strength deodorant if you want to wear it by itself. And if you need extra protection for a busy day at the office or a workout, you can use a layer of Sensitive Soul underneath a layer of our full-strength. 

Some people even find that, as their skin adjusts to the baking soda, they are able to slowly transition to the full-strength. 

What to do if you get irritation?

If you do get irritation from our full strength deodorant, it’s important to discontinue use and wait for the rash to disappear completely first. Then:

  • Try our sensitive/ baking soda free version as a lower-strength deodorant
  • Or, you can apply the sensitive version as a barrier before applying your original deodorant

We hope that helps and if you have any further questions please feel free to get in touch with us - we're here to help!

Sarah x 


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