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Little Mango natural deodorant Sensitive Baking soda free
Little Mango natural deodorant Sensitive Baking soda free
Little Mango natural deodorant Sensitive Baking soda free
Little Mango natural deodorant Sensitive Baking soda free

Baking soda free natural deodorant

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Low-strength natural deodorant

We've formulated a gorgeous blend of natural ingredients to create a creamy and effective natural deodorant, specifially created for sensitive skin types.

Baking soda is used to deactivate bacteria in our full-strength deodorant, but occassionally it can cause irritation in some people. If you've had trouble with this before, then Sensitive Soul should help you. Instead of baking soda, we've used a lovely blend of softer ingredients to target the source of body odour - bacteria - to keep you smelling fresh.

Pure and gentle ingredients

Pure coconut oil brings antibacterial and antimicrobial power. 

Magnesium helps to target the bacteria that causes odour.

Bamboo and kaolin clay helps to absorb moisture, giving our deodorant a matte finish once it's rubbed in. No sticky or oily residue.

Shea and mango butter nourish the skin, keeping it moisturised and soft. 

Light vanilla gives  'Sensitive Soul' a light fragrance for those who are sensitive to strong fragrances. 

Rose geranium essential oil finishes our deodorant off, giving it a gentle hint of soft and romantic rose - so you won't find any trace of synthetic fragrances here. 

How to use

This is a low strength natural deodorant. Use by itself or use a layer of Sensitive Soul as a barrier protection underneath a layer of full-strength when you need extra protection from irritation. 

Sensitive Soul is available in 60g and 20g size for those who only use a small amount as a barrier protection layer.

This aluminum free, all natural and vegan deodorant is perfect for sensitive skin types. Is Sensitive Soul right for you? Find out more in our sensitive natural deodorant guide

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How ethical are the ingredients?
All of our ingredients are 100% natural and vegan. We are cruelty-free and don't test on animals. 

Is this NZ made?
Yes all of our products are proudly NZ made.

How do you apply?
Take a small pea-sized amount and rub it under your arms until completely absorbed, like a moisturiser. A little goes a long way, so start small and see what works for you. You should only need 1 application per day. 

How long should a jar last?
We advise that a 60g jar should last around 3 months with regular use. However, it can last a lot longer than this - we've even had customers make a jar last for 1 year. 

Will this last through a gym workout?
Our full-strength natural deodorant is formulated and tested on the stinkiest of humans to ensure they are up to the test  Just 1 application per day should last throughout a workout. We've even had customers run marathons and bush hikes and come out odourless. We really stick by our deodorant, so If for some reason your deodorant isn't up to the test, it may be that the variant doesn't suit you, so get in touch if this happens.  Please note our sensitive version may not last throughout the day.

Is this an antiperspirant?
No our deodorant isn’t an antiperspirant. It doesn’t clog your pores with aluminium to stop you sweating. Instead, it targets the bacteria on your skin that causes odour, allowing your skin to breathe naturally while staying odourless.

Which will suit me best?
All of our deodorants are only lightly fragranced and suitably unisex. However, Wanderer is most popular with men, while Boho Babe is most popular with women. All of our fragrances are safe for teens and all skin types. We advise it is best to patch test before use, and consult your doctor on the use of essential oils if you are unsure or if you are pregnant.

I am sensitive to baking soda?
Occassionally, some customers can get sensitivity to baking soda in natural deodorants. If this happens discontinue use and wait until the irritation disappears. You can try our 'Sensitive Soul' baking soda-free deodorant by itself or layer it under the full strength deodorant. Please feel free to contact us if you're still having issues on

Is the packaging waste free?
Our deodorant is packaged in a glass jar with a plastic lid, as we  slowly switch to metal lids which are indefinitely recyclable. Our labels are recyclable and compostable and all orders are sent in compostable packaging.


Full-strength Natural Deodorant Ingredients
Tapioca starch, shea butter, coconut oil, mango butter, baking soda, sweet almond oil, vitamin e, essential oils. 

Sensitive Natural Deodorant Ingredients
Tapioca starch, shea butter, coconut oil, mango butter, magnesium, kaolin, bamboo extract, sweet almond oil, vitamin e, vanilla essential oil. 

Packaged and delivered in recyclable and compostable packaging. 

Customer love

Our deodorant creams have been tried and tested in the warmest climates. They have even stood up to the test throughout marathons and bush hikes. That's why we've been mentioned in the pages of top beauty magazines and blogs. Be sure to check out our customer reviews above.

How to use

Take a pea-sized amount and rub under arms, like a moisturiser, until completely absorbed. A little goes a long way, so start with a small amount and use a larger amount if needed. You should only need one application per day.

Our full-strength formulations contain sodium bicarbonate, which may cause irritation in a small percentage of people. If this does occur, you can try our baking soda-free, sensitive formula as a barrier layer or by itself.