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Baking soda free natural deodorant is here!

Posted by Sarah Hyndman on
Baking soda free natural deodorant is here! - Little Mango Deodorants

It's arrived! Our completely revamped deodorant for sensitive skin is here. New 'no baking soda' formula, new soft scent, and a fresh new look. 


Our new and improved sensitive deodorant formula is now completely baking soda free, making it perfect for anyone who has experienced irritation from the baking soda in natural deodorants. 

Do you have baking soda sensitivity?

We've developed this for you! Use on its own as a low-strength deodorant, or use it as a barrier protection before applying a full-strength deodorant for a more heavy-duty deodorant action. 

Baking soda is an amazing ingredient and really packs a punch when it comes to odour protection. But if the concentration is too high for you, you may experience irritation. Unfortunately, some people want to make the switch to a natural deodorant brand get put off by a reaction to baking soda and give up.

The good news is that there are usually ways around it! 

Sensitive Soul uses a luscious blend of magnesium and plant-based powders and clays to help fight odour and absorb moisture. These natural ingredients help to target the bacteria that cause sweat, while gently nourishing your skin. We've also rounded it off with a hint of vanilla for those wanting a more subtle scent and those who can't use strong fragrances.

You can use Sensitive Soul by itself as a low-strength deodorant or as a barrier protection layer underneath our full-strength natural deodorant.

Please note that if you currently have sensitivity from baking soda based deodorants, discontinue use and wait for the irritation to clear up, before trying the full-strength deodorant again.

To help keep irritation at bay, we advise not to apply deodorant directly after shaving. It's best to shave at night and wait until the morning to smooth on your natural deodorant. 

We really hope you enjoy our new blend - and if you need any help working around a sensitivity issue don't hesitate to get in touch with us at 


Take a look at our new Sensitive Soul

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