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Natural deodorant - twitchy about making the switch?

Posted by Sarah Hyndman on
Natural deodorant - twitchy about making the switch? - Little Mango Deodorants

These days, detox is mainstream and thousands of New Zealanders are changing the food they eat, and the products they use on their bodies. Natural skincare is everywhere and yet, swapping to natural deodorant is something that makes us nervous. We want to smell good! Will natural deodorant REALLY work?

Yes! Little Mango natural deodorants are super effective!

Because we use all natural ingredients that prevent bacteria, your sweat won't smell bad - honest! Try a sample size to see how well our aluminium free deodorants work - or take the leap to full size; after all they're only $18.99 and will last for ages!

Little Mango natural deodorants smell amazing

We use natural essential oils to create luscious fresh scents for each deodorant. Even vanilla and rose geranium have fresh light fragrances that won't clash with your perfume, and cedarwood and citrus smash 'zesty' right out of the park! 

How generic and natural deodorants work

A natural deodorant allows the skin to breathe, and sweat; which serves two crucial purposes - to rid the body of toxic buildup, and cool us down. The challenge is to think of sweat as a good thing! A normal amount of sweat means your body is using a healthy, necessary cleansing process to detox and to balance body temperature. And sweat itself doesn't smell, it's the bacteria growing in it that do... ewww! So natural deodorant is designed to combat bacteria.

Generic antiperspirants work by blocking pores to prevent sweat leaving your body, and generally contain some chemicals we'd rather avoid! So, the substances your body was trying to get rid of stay in your body, and are joined by the chemicals from the antiperspirant - creating toxic build up and additional odour.

Wait; does generic deodorant make us smell?!

It often does! Using antiperspirants for years can lead to a toxic build up and that  generates a nasty smell - leading people to switch from one strong deodorant to another in the search for something that will prevent odours. If you have used standard deodorants and antiperspirants for years, you're likely to have excess bacteria build up in your armpits, which causes additional bad odours and make you sweat more than you should as your body tries to compensate for these blocked sweat pores.

How natural deodorants help detox your body

If we think of sweating as a natural detox and cleansing process, suddenly everything makes sense! That fresh sweat after exercise is doing two important jobs - cooling you down, and ridding the body of toxins. So if you swap from a generic antiperspirant to natural deodorant;

  • You're likely to have less breakouts and blemishes as your body detoxes
  • You may sweat more (and smell worse) initially, as your body rids itself of built up toxins, but this will normalise once your armpit pores are clear of nasties. Do a little extra exercise to speed up this process, and remember to drink lots of water!
  • You're likely to experience more balanced body temperatures when you exercise, now that your armpits can perspire - which means your body won't need to sweat as heavily any more.
  • Your natural body scent will be nicer as the bacteria build up will vanish.
  • Your good bacteria (that eat up sweat, but vanish through prolonged use of antiperspirants) will recover, and help neutralise odour too, even when you don't wear deodorant.
  • Less nasty chemicals means a healthier body.
  • You may kiss yellow armpit stains goodbye - they are often from a chemical reaction between sweat and aluminum!
Bonus: All this means that our natural deodorants will work even better, the longer you use them.

    The final word on beautiful BO

    Diet and lifestyle have a huge impact on how our bodies function and how we smell to others. If you want to smell really great, switch to Little Mango, but also eat fresh, in-season wholefoods, especially leafy vegetables, drink water, get enough sleep and exercise often to keep your body stay well tuned.


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